About Ken Salvail

Ken Salvail is a horticulture expert with over 40 years of experience in the field, offering a wealth of knowledge and expertise to gardening enthusiasts.

Passion for horticulture

Ken’s lifelong passion for horticulture began in 1979 when he started as a student landscaper, and his interest in horticulture grew as he started growing tropical plants the following year. Ken’s vast knowledge base is founded by his experience in the BCIT Horticultural program and several University of Guelph horticulture programs.


Ken’s expertise is invaluable, and his website, GrowerCoach.com, is the go-to site for garden information, with a wide range of topics on trees, shrubs, perennials, weeds, insects, vegetable crops, landscape and design, composting, irrigation, and more.

KHS Landscaping - Ken's Horticultural Services

KHS Landscape Professionals

Ken operates KHS Landscape Professionals, a landscaping company providing premium services for the regular maintenance of private gardens in the Okanagan Valley. KHS is known for offering exceptional landscaping services that are tailored to each client’s needs, ensuring that their outdoor spaces are not only beautiful but functional and sustainable.

Greenhouse operations and perennial production

Ken has worked as a production manager at a cucumber and tomato production greenhouse operation, built facilities and grew crops, and assisted with the production of over 14,000 Poinsettias, annual crops, and other greenhouse crops each year. He was hired as the Perennial Production Manager, assisting Bylands Nurseries with the development of their perennial production facility.

Broadcasting and teaching

Ken hosts a weekly show, “The Garden Show” with Don Burnett, and an online podcast show, “The Grower Coach Garden Show,” talking about gardening, interviewing interesting guests, and doing garden walkabouts in many of the nicest gardens everywhere. Ken also supports and teaches the Master Gardeners Program and irrigation-related programs for the City of Kelowna, BC. Join Ken each month for a “Get Into The Garden” newsletter experience!

Ken Salvail in his garden